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Project in Spotlight

Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam – The whole world is one family is a cultural initiative of WWO which provides a platform for person-to-person contact, bringing individuals together by opening our homes and hearts to people of different cultures, countries, continents and backgrounds.

Major activities

Atithi Niwas (World Inspiration Centre) 

We are planning to build an “Atithi Niwas” (W.I.C) is a place where volunteers, interns and members from different cultures, countries, continents and backgrounds can come, stay and have spontaneous interaction with local people and families, learn the local language, local food, lifestyles and experience traditional, cultural and religious habits and believes. We provide volunteers, interns and members with authentic, educational and quality experiences e.g. by creating opportunities for them to interact with locals in an unstructured manner through visit to local schools/ institutions/ organizations and participation in sports activities, local festivals and events etc.

They can learn or train for meditation, yoga, spirituality, can eat delicious home-cooked food, learn or train folk dances, art or music, Hindi classes and have access to all WWO initiated projects like Drinking Water and Sanitation Project, Women Empowerment Project, Computer Training Course for Youth, Sports Club for Villagers, Learning by doing Educational Project, English Teaching for Youth in Schools, Colleges and Institutions and cultural resources etc. Volunteers and students from different countries can come and conduct research in that region on different subjects as a valuable informational resource centre. Organizing annual mindfulness and spiritual programs and tours in various forms in different parts of India and/or abroad to raise consciousness and promote peace of mind and harmony around the world. They can also do spiritual tour like “Buddhist Circuit like:  Sravasti, Kapilvastu, Kaushambi, Kushinagar, Sankisa, Sarnath OR Hinduism Circuit like; Ayodhya, Allahabad, Varanasi, Vidhyanchal, Mathura, Vrindavan etc 

We believe that a global community can only exist when the basic needs of life, including access to quality education and life skills, are fulfilled for all citizens.  Through their work with WWO, volunteers and members are given the opportunity to become active participants in the creation of this global community.